X2F Adds Former General Motors VP to its Advisory Team

Alan Taub

X2F Adds Former General Motors VP to its Advisory Team

October 19, 2022

Growing their team at a rapid pace, X2F expands their advisory board by tapping Alan Taub as the newest member amidst accelerated growth opportunities.

X2F is pleased to announce that Alan Taub, Professor of Materials Science and Mechanical Engineering and Director of the Michigan Materials Research Institute (MMRI) at the University of Michigan, has signed on as an advisor to X2F. He will provide expertise in commercializing batteries, motors, sensitive electronics and structural components that benefit from the improved thermal management and mechanical properties that X2F’s innovative molding technology can provide.

Alan Taub joined the faculty of Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Michigan in the Fall of 2012. In this role, Taub is conducting research in advanced materials and processing and is the Director of the newly launched MMRI. He continues to support the manufacturing innovation institute LIFT (Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow).

Taub retired from General Motors in April 2012. Prior to his retirement, he was vice president, Global Research & Development, leading GM’s advanced technical work activity, seven science laboratories around the world including the Israel Advanced Technology Center, and seven global science offices. He joined GM R&D as executive director in 2001 and was named vice president in 2009. Before joining GM, Taub spent 15 years in research and development at General Electric, where he earned 25 patents. He has authored more than 80 papers. He also worked at Ford Motor Company for eight years.

Taub received his bachelor’s degree in materials engineering from Brown University and master’s and Ph.D. degrees in applied physics from Harvard University. Taub has served on the advisory boards for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Northwestern University, the University of California Davis and Berkeley.

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