Over-Moulding Electronics: Making Melts Flow Better

As electronic components become smaller and more complex, the challenges increase for developers of engineering thermoplastics. Peter Mapleston finds out about new processes and offerings from materials suppliers.

Controlled Viscosity Injection Molding of Plastic Optics

Controlled Viscosity Injection Molding of Plastic Optics Rick Fitzpatrick, Mike Slowik and Alan Symmons X2F, 985 N. Wilson Ave., Suite 100, Loveland, CO 80537, USA.;; Abstract: A detailed introduction to controlled viscosity injection molding, a low pressure, pulse packing process that enables high precision molding well suited for the demanding surface form and optical performance requirements of modern

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Controlled-Viscosity Molding Gains Commercial Traction

The new category of molding technology benefits, in particular, delicate electronics encapsulations and automotive lighting applications with complex geometries.

X2F Taps Mold-Masters Veteran as New Technology Director

Amidst a commercialization push, the Loveland, CO based creator of a patented injection molding technology announced Ken Jacob as its new technology director.