Plastic Engineering


By Using X2f you can mold parts that are highly filled with solids. get the part properties you need.


We are able to fill thermoplastics with up to 75% ceramic fill. Looking to make your part harder? Want to reduce conductivity? Be it ceramic fibers or powder, plastic engineering is a great way to get the properties you want.


Adding 50% glass to your part can add high rigidity and mechanical strength. It helps with hardness and toughness too. If you want dimensional stability, good fatigue strength, glass is a good choice.


We’ve filled polymer parts with 75% steel. That’s helpful when you want to get to the realm of MIMs. Steel is a good way to create heft to a part. Conductivity, strength and stiffness are some other properties you will see.

Mixed Plastics + high Solids fill

GET THE PROPERTIES YOU WANT━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━


Create Your Recipe

The X2F approach to molding allows you to combine mixed plastics with variable melting points and mold them into net shape. Pellets, flakes, steel shavings from the shop floor — it can all go in the hopper and be molded to together.

It’s time to re-think what ‘contaminated’ means. What can’t be molded with injection molding due to ‘contamination’ will often work just find with X2F. Looking for something to to do with that re-grind and don’t want to process it? There is a new answer to explore.

Another bonus: if you are looking for different material properties for your part, add different polymers to the mix or solids to enhance the physical characteristics of the finished part.

We are building a database of recipes and associated materials properties in collaboration with our clients. What will you add to the plastic engineering library?



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Industry Uses

MEdical Devices

The novel molding approach and new capabilities in Materials Science make X2F a natural and appealing fit for the medical device industry.

Filling highly engineered plastics with carbon fiber or other fillers can yield specific materials properties that push the envelope in medical device innovation.


Lightweighting is all the rage. Automotive and aerospace come to mind: the need to make vehicles lighter, yet keep those critical strength properties in the finished parts.

High filled solids and material blends are a great way to get there. We are seeing all kinds of innovators who are changing how they thinks about product design and what is possible with materials.


The ability to mold mixed plastics, and then recycle them again in a closed loop fashion is how we can re-think recycling. Repeated recycling without minimal degradation of material is a big deal.

We can optimize materials mixes for cost, physical properties of finished parts, and much reduced supply chains, but placing machines close to the source of material generation.



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