Patented Molding Technology for Part Manufacturing

part manufacturing

  1. Solving today’s urgent manufacturing problems
  2. Enabling step-function new product innovation
  3. Building the factory of the future

Molding the future

X2F has developed a new category of molding technology for part manufacturing. It leverages low pressure and a patented pulse-packing method to mold parts. It throws away constraints of traditional injection molding.

With X2F, you can manufacture complex product designs, using materials previously thought to be impossible to mold.

Enabling product innovation

More complex part geometries

Stronger, more durable parts

Lighter parts with enhanced performance

Faster development from prototyping to production-scale

Molding of ultra-high performance materials

The new possible

X2F’s technology creates entirely new paradigms in product design, tool design, and materials science for molded parts.

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