Polymeric Optics


Higher Performance and Lower Cost

X2F technology breaks the rules of manufacturing for traditional polymeric lenses.

Low Pressure & Controlled Viscosity Molding (CVM)

The critical distinction between X2F’s technology and conventional injection molding technology is the method used to bring plastic to a low viscosity and how it is transferred into the injection mold.


This has a dramatic impact on the polymer molecules’ relationship to one another and the kind of tooling and machinery required to execute the process. The X2F process operates at 70+% lower pressure and eliminates the 5-25X viscosity spike in traditional molding technology.

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Advantages of X2F’s Technology for Lenses

  • Plastic lenses approaching quality of glass
  • Reduced birefringence & anisotropic shrink
  • Unique lens geometries
  • One shot instead of multi-shot production
  • Highly flexible, low cost tooling
  • Almost zero waste in the molding process

Reduced Birefringence with X2F

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