Our Process



Embrace Different

Our best conversations are with clients who are looking for a new way to do things. Our technology is new. While it can take some time to explore and understand, it is time well spent.

The X2F process is rooted in creating a mutual and deep understanding of how this new technology works and and how far the boundaries of what is now possible extend.

The Start: Solve a Problem

Most of our clients find us because they need our help: complex mold designs that are hard to pack out; elimination of sink; materials that just don’t mold well; reducing molded-in stress; using recycled plastic feedstock; overmolding delicate electronic components; and other hard problems you might not predict.

Dive in: Discovery

Once we know the problem, we dive in on how we might solve it. We thrive on data and understanding. We’ll ask you plenty of questions about the history of what you’ve tried.

The discovery process is one of the most exciting parts of engaging with our clients. While the history using injection molding doesn’t typically apply to the X2F process, we still learn a ton along the way.

Set the Goals: Define the Target

Objective measurement is how we roll. We love client partners who know what they want and how to measure it. The more specific, the better. We don’t like wasting each other’s time with soft expectations.

So our next step is to get clear with what solving the problem really means: how do we think about the final requirements of the net shape part?


Prove it: Run a Trial

After we’ve defined success and what we are out to accomplish, we tackle the logistics to run a trial.

We will run through the planning process to identify a mold tool, the materials, the timeline, the nature of the trial, costs to run the trial, shipping and logistics. We run the trial and assess the results. 

Success: Get an X2F Machine

Now that we know that X2F technology is the solution you are looking for, we come up with the game plan for the machine placement. We identify where it will go, what customization may need to be made to fit the destination enviornment, and what the timeline will be.

Delivery of the machine is really the start of a partnership. We put a premium on our client relationship and learning right along with you. From analyzing data, understanding machine performance, and ongoing conversation, we will grow to maximize the technology together.


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