The X2F Difference

The X2F Difference

X2F is the new category in molding technology.

The X2F approach to molding is a totally new way to mold plastic and other materials.

This is not injection molding.

The technology is designed to control viscosity and material state throughout the molding process using conductive heat and low pressure. The result is the ability to mold shapes and materials no one else can.


We are solving previously insurmountable molding challenges.

Viscosity Control
Managing Material State

Electrically generated heat decouples the melt from the movement of material into the mold cavity. Your process is no longer dependent on high pressure shearing, giving you control over the state of the material through the molding process.

Low  Pressure
Low Stress

The X2F approach typically operates at 5-20% of the pressures of injection molding methods. The gentle process is far superior in maintainng natural material properties in finished parts.

Algorithms and Machine Control

Machine control algorithms are fundamental to the process, making it easy for operators to run the system. Process engineering is still a thing for the innovators, but we are building a library of knowledge to draw from. Your path to greatness is shorter.

Small Footprint
Lightweight Machines

Our small-footprint machines can be integrated into existing manufacturing cells with minimal changes to layout. At 850 pounds, you can roll it off a pickup truck, plug it into a wall, and start making parts.

Great things come in small packages.

Our E30V weighs 850 lbs, sits on a tabletop, and can plug into a standard wall outlet at 120v. It opens up dramatic opportunities in Industry 4.0 factory design, as well as hyper-local manuracturing. X2F technology can make parts with a machine that has 20% of the footprint of an equivalent injection molding machine.

the revolutionary x2f process

The pulse-packing method of filling mold cavities is a seismic shift in how product designers, materials makers, and mold designers think about what is possible. The ability to fill complex geometeries in mold cavities is simply game-changing. The X2F approach of using very low pressures allows for over-molding on top of delicate circuitry without crushing circuits or melting solder. It is now possible to mold mixed recycled materials to create high-recycled content products, opening up new end-markets for the recylcing world. The ability to mold exotic new materials, organic materials, and high filled materials is creating new opportunities for sustainable and compostable plastics, or other innovative material types.

Building the factory of the future.

typical resin flow

with x2f 

"We spent 2-3 months in process debug with that mold and could not make parts that look as good as those coming off the first run of your machine."

– process engineer at leading consumer technology company

"That's not possible."

– common response

"Will you show me how the machine works again?"

– Most customers


Operate differently.

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