Controlled Viscosity Molding (CVM) by X2F

X2F’s patented CVM technology is a completely new encapsulation and molding technology that revolutionizes highly loaded material processing, enabling the use of advanced, ultra high-performance polymers that were previously impossible or very difficult to mold. X2F’s breakthrough CVM technology is making the “impossible” achievable.

X2F Benefits at a Glance


  • Enables improved thermal performance.
  • Builds stronger, more durable parts.
  • Enhances environmental protection.
  • Allows innovative product lightweighting.


  • Enables time, labor, and cost savings.
  • Uses less energy than conventional processes.
  • Promotes design flexibility and innovation.


  • Decreases manufacturing floorspace requirements.
  • Easily molds high viscosity polymers.
  • Enables material to flow around complex part geometries.
  • Compatible with automated manufacturing processes.
  • Supports eco-friendly sustainability goals.