X2F’s Controlled Viscosity Molding (CVM) Technology

At X2F, our CVM experts provide design and development services to support optimal manufacturability and efficiency before releasing equipment for use in production. We typically pilot customer applications at our facility before transferring equipment and processes to our customers’ production sites. We also provide manufacturing services from our fully equipped facility.

CVM Systems

Our systems use dramatically less pressure and are lighter, cheaper and require less energy to operate than standard injection presses. CVM systems incorporate operator safety features and because the whole process is controlled by algorithms, they are easy to use.

X2F’s Single Bay System is our mid-volume production system. The single bay machine uses our patented low pressure molding approach with electrically heated extruder screw and barrel. A sensor-based feedback control-loop precisely modulates heat, motor torque and melt state. Sophisticated software algorithms automatically adjust the process for optimal melt conditions.


X2F’s Rotary Table System is our high-volume production system. The table can accommodate up to 8 molds and multiple extruders allowing for multiple in-line molding processes with different materials and reduces cycle times by rotating molds into the extrusion position while the previous mold cools.